The Dead Media Streaming Service asks what it still means to press "play" on a physical media device. Whirring, chugging, spinning back into life (or at least undeath), the best home video formats of the 70s, 80s, and 90s can be (re)presented as they were originally intended: low definition video, barely synced audio, and jittering images with plenty of frame loss and a striking soft fuzziness.

Supported Formats

VHS and Betamax (NTSC); Laserdisc (NTSC); CD, CD-i DV, and (S)VCD (NTSC/PAL); DVD (NTSC/PAL); 8mm and Super 8 (Sound).


If you are interested in donating or loaning tapes/discs/equipment you can mail your contribution to:

Dead Media Streaming Series
c/o Matthew Hockenberry

Dept. of Media, Culture, & Communication
New York University
239 Greene St. 2nd Floor.
New York, NY 10003

Drop off donations visit the 8th floor reception.